Wild Pigs Poker Chip

$1.00 plus shipping

Poker Chip Holder Key Ring

Colors: gold or silver

$5.00 plus shipping

$6.00 plus shipping with poker chip

Wild Pigs Can Koozie

Colors: red or black

$2.00 plus shipping

Wild Pigs Bottle Koozie

 Colors: black only 

$3.00 plus shipping


Wild Boar Tusk w/Leather Wrap

A 5" wild boar tusk adorned with leather wrapping and a braided leather loop to attach to your vest.  A nice addition to a WP vest.

$25 w/ free shipping

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Garage Shirt - red screen print on 100% polyester

Colors: gray or black

Sizes: L, XL, 2X, 3X

$30 w/ free shipping ($35 for 3X)

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